Phantom Wine and Tea


2016 Phantom Events

Our 20th annual Phantom Tea raised over $85,000 in 2015 for Chromosome 18 Research!  As our largest and most important fundraiser of the year, this is a time that you can get involved to make an impact on families through research, education and just helping families come together.  Thank you to all that have participated by donating and raising funds and it’s just as easy to help again this year.  Our achievable goal for this year is $120,000 and with one exciting addition we believe we can make this happen.

Each December, we have hosted our annual, year-end fundraiser called “Phantom Tea.”  This is a virtual tea party that allows members, friends, and family to join together and raise funds for chromosome 18 research in hopes of “making chromosome 18 conditions the first treatable chromosome abnormalities.”  This year we are excited to present something new as we’re celebrating our 21st year of The Phantom Tea.  We are “Coming of Age” on this 21st year and proud to announce the addition of The Phantom Wine.  During this time, we ask our members to invite their family and friends to a tea or wine party (virtual or actual).  On Sunday, December 4th, people around the world will sip tea or wine in honor of those we care about with a chromosome 18 condition.

Why Participate?

wine-logoThe vast majority of our funding comes directly from Chromosome 18 families and their friends and families who want to make a difference in the lives of every affected person and their loved ones.

What Does Your Involvement Mean To the Registry?

By being involved in the Phantom Events, you help fund vital clinical research and support for families around the world.

$10 buys liquid Nitrogen for 1 tank for 1 week

$50 buys enrollment for a US family

$500 buys establishing cell lines for 1 family

$1000 buys 1 person’s microarray

$10,000 buys 1 comprehensive clinical evaluation

How to Participate?neales-wine

All Chromosome 18 Registry members will receive Phantom Tea and Wine invitations sent to their address in early November.  If you would like additional supplies sent, please contact [email protected] or call (210) 657-4968 and we will send you out additional invitations and supplies.

Want to print your own invitations?

View the Phantom Event information pamphlet here. Click on each event to view and print your 8.5″ x 5.5″ invitations here – Phantom Tea Invite / Phantom Wine Invite

neales-teaWant to participate virtually?

Visit our fundraising websites at to set up your own individual Phantom Tea fundraising page or to set up your own individual Phantom Wine fundraising page.