Find Your Coordinator

Regional Coordinators

Northeast – Kim and Dave Stoddard
Mid-Atlantic – Mike Fudala
Southeast – Becky Hobby
Great Lakes – Melanie Gorrell
Rocky Mountain – Angie Moss
Great Plains – Cindy Josefson
South Central – OPEN
Texas Area – Tam Aldrup
Northwest – Joy Wilson
Southwest – Tracy Stevens

Canadian Coordinator- Shelley Hunt

Bereavement Coordinator – Charlett Korling
Sibling Coordinator – Dalton Guthrie
Self-Advocate Coordinator – Mark Sogard

Syndrome Coordinators

Tetrasomy 18p – Marie Primeau
Trisomy 18 – Jude Wolpert
Ring 18 – Tanis Nicholson
18p- – Katharine Newman
18q- – Katie Schilly

Members can contact the office at to be connected with your appropriate coordinator.