Our Team

Stacey Gallardo


gallardo-family-2Stacey has joined the team as the Director of Social Media after being an active member of the registry for the last 12 years and the previous Southwest Regional Coordinator.  Stacey lives in Southern California with her Husband Rich and two girls, Sophia (age 16) and Amelia (age 13, Tetrasomy 18p).  Stacey and Rich are the owners of a trucking company, Rock-It Tranpsort Inc, which serves California with rock, sand, landscape blends and specialty aggregate materials.  Stacey runs the office and handles all the administration aspects of the business.

In 2003 Stacey delivered her second child, Amelia.  The first 6 months were not easy after dealing with a variety of health issues.  After lots of doctor visits and tests, the family was referred to a genetics specialist.  Just before Amelia’s 1st birthday, the genetic testing came back with the diagnosis of Tetrasomy 18p.  Like many other families, they had no idea what this meant so Stacey went to the computer for answers.  She found the Chromosome 18 Registry and immediately became a member and attended her first conference just a few months later.  Since that time, the Gallardo Family makes their summer plans around the conference and looks forward to seeing their extended Chromosome 18 family each July.

Amelia is now in 8th grade and doing well.  This has freed up some time for Stacey, which is why she has chosen to take on the position as Director of Social Media.  Stacey loves the interaction with members and keeping everyone informed.  She is looking forward to being a vital part of the Registry.