Our Team

Elizabeth Cody

I was born in Wichita Falls, Texas on January 11, 1985 to Lt. Col. John Cody and Jannine Cody.  I have an older sister, Catherine Cody Larson, who was also born in Wichita Falls.  I have lived in San Antonio, Texas since the age of six weeks.

My father was in the Air Force and had a PhD in the field of Biochemistry.  He worked in the Air Force Drug Testing Lab and Clinical Research Lab at Brooks and Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. He was born in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania and is now deceased.

3K6A1633My mother, Jannine, was born in Charles City, Iowa.  She also has a PhD in Human Genetics and works at the Chromosome 18 Clinical Research Center at the University of Texas Health Science Center.  She is the founder of the Chromosome 18 Registry.

My sister, Catherine, is an M.D. and Child Psychiatrist in Austin, Texas.  She has been involved in the sibling research studies through the Chromosome 18 Research Center for many, many years.  She is married to Ryan Larson who is an entrepreneur. Thanks to Ryan I now have another brother, Jonny and sister Katie Larson.

I was raised in San Antonio, Texas and graduated from McArthur High School. During high school I enjoyed being in the Pep Squad.  When I was in high school I testified before the US Congress about how important research was on chromosome 18.

I have volunteered for Saddle Light Therapeutic Riding Center in San Antonio, Texas helping disabled individuals.  I am currently attending San Antonio College taking a class in child development. I want to become certified in child development so I can help others who have disabilities.  I would like to also volunteer for the San Antonio Humane Society someday, because of I love animals.

My mom and I also enjoy learning Scottish Country Dancing every week. Sometimes I perform with the group. We are in the clan McLeod.

I like to travel and have traveled throughout the US and overseas. Within the US, I have traveled to New York City, Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Utah, Nevada, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida and Hawaii.  Throughout the world, I have traveled to Canada, Costa Rica, Scotland (the U.K), Italy, New Zealand, and Australia.  I will also be traveling to Greece, Turkey and Italy this summer.