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Chromosome 18's mission is to help individuals with chromosome 18 abnormalities overcome the obstacles they face, so they may lead happy, healthy, and productive lives. Our mission has three facets: building community, expanding education, and advancing research. Our shared vision is that one day, children with chromosome 18 abnormalities will have the same aspirations and achievements in life as their siblings.

We are well aware of the enormity of that vision, but we have a clearly defined path and are making steady progress to realize that vision. The progress and the joy are both thanks to the dedication of our many members who support each other while on our path to making this vision a reality. Whether they dedicate hours or dollars or both, they make this success happen.

- Dr. Jannine Cody, Chromosome 18 Registry & Research Society President & Founder

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A Heart-Warming Video from Down Under

We are excited to share the story of one of the many wonderful families of The Chromosome 18 Registry & Research Society. The Morgan family rallied their community around Ben, who has Tetrasomy 18p. 

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